April 18, 2005

Gorgeous George goes a’wooing - Sunday Times - Times Online

Some wonderfull writing by A A Gill on everybodeis favourette fasist symperthiser Gorgeous George
“This used to be Gladstone’s house,” he tells me. “His slogan was, ‘With the masses against the classes’. You know, Adrian, you’d be surprised that a lot of my social beliefs are probably to the right of yours.” No shit. Someone who believes that Saddam Hussein is a brave and far-sighted beloved leader of his people is pretty much likely to be to the right of everyone.
“We need manufacturing. What car did you drive here?” he barks at me while his minders smirk. “I bet it wasn’t made in Britain.”

Actually, now you ask, it was made in the Midlands by Manganese Bronze. It was a taxi. And what was that huge limo I noticed you parking? “That’s my Mercedes.”
King wants to save the world one person at a time. For her, you get the feeling that politics is muscular social work. And if you live in a deprived inner city, with all its dreary problems, then there’s no question who would be the more effective MP.

But Oona has a problem. She supported the war in Iraq. She had been calling for someone to do something about Saddam long before Bush or Blair thought there might be a backhander in it for them. But even so, it doesn’t go down well on Brick Lane.


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